Friday, June 20, 2008

Now With No Backsides

Looking back through the last few entries that featured cycling, I apparently am posting lots of pictures of anonymous backsides. I had a few more pictures of that sort from the most recent addition of the Wednesday Night Hills, which I thought would illustrate how many of us had come out, but in light of the fact that one set of buttocks on a bicycle looks much like another I will instead post a picture of some of the local folk we see on our weekly ride and a couple of pictures of riders from the front. I was surprised to note that while this group of cows sees a large number of cyclists at regular intervals, the sight of one actually stopping on the side of the road is alarming. Several shied away as though I was going to stick my barbecue fork right through the fence and poke them in the face. On the other side of the road a group of people were sitting around watching a fire consisting of a lot of pecan branches that had come down during the various storms we've had in the last year. Shana would have been terribly sad to see it, because she would have liked to have some of that wood to smoke briskets. They probably thought I was barking mad to be stopping at the side of the road to take a snap of cows.

I've got an event tomorrow : the Baptist Children's Home Ride. We generally call it the "Damned Orphan Ride" after my first experience with the event. The first time I went, Shana and I arrived a bit late. It was one of the first events we had ever gone to, and we were not as organized about preparing for the day or getting ourselves ready to go once we got to the venue. We typically made it to the starting line late, or nearly so, stressed out and cranky. Our group had already left, so we ended up having to leave with the orphans (yes, it's a real children's home), who go slow, stop suddenly, and weave all over the road. In addition to being late, I was also new to clipless pedals and prone to falling over while still attached to the bike. Needless to say, I fell over in an attempt not to run over any children. Later in the day Shana caught me complaining about the "Damned Orphans", quite possibly to one of the organizers of the ride.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

That is a scream of a title for the ride! And yes, I am catching up with you all at once! Naughty kitchen took a lot of blog reading time right out of my relaxing schedule!