Sunday, June 15, 2008

Corporate Challenge Proceeds Without Me

This year my company did not field a team for the Corporate Challenge. Mainly this was because the individual responsible for organizing our participation took another job this spring. Her replacement for the effort had little interest in it, and it did not happen. I was disappointed (not enough to offer to take over for next year, of course) but since some of my friends would be competing for another company I got to cheer anyway. This was Shana's year to participate for her company. She's signed up for the Time Trial (my event!) early on and volunteered to take over a leg in a swimming relay when a team member dropped out. I thought that was plain heroic - mainly because the idea of swimming in ANY kind of a race is inconceivable for me, but also taking the spot on a team at the last minute seems very bold. For Corporate Challenge it (almost) doesn't matter how your event goes. Your team gets points just for participation in each event. While a team who does not win any events won't win anything, a team can still get points just for getting as many people as possible involved. It can encourage corporate teamwork as well as get people thinking about trying fitness activities for fun. The participants on Shana's team also score "wellness" points that can reduce their health insurance cost. By her willingness to jump in and swim on the team the other members didn't miss out on their points.

Saturday Miss Vivian came to spend the afternoon with me. Not only is she walking, but she's on the verge of running. Both hands are always at the ready in case something, anything, comes in reach. I bought her that ultimate of grandma gifts: the rhythm band. It was too cute to resist, and she's all about making things happen. This toy had the instant gratification she likes, and the noise factor so appealing to little people. Of course nothing holds her attention like forward motion. Mainly she just walked around as fast as possible poking her little nose into everything she could find. I hustled after her making sure she didn't get into too much mischief. Rita was visiting for the weekend, and although Vivian was a little wary of her, it was still great to have an extra pair of eyes. More pictures as always, over at Flickr.

After the Time Trial Shana went to take her dad out for a Fathers' Day lunch at a local Moroccan restaurant. He's always interested in trying something new, and this is a family restaurant just around the corner from our home. I took off to go for a ride with friends. We were lucky in the weather - although rain was threatened we only got a little sprinkle just as we were finishing our ride. One of the party had a brand new beautiful bike which got a flat after its first five miles of use. It provided an opportunity for a flat fixing clinic, and a reminder that you shouldn't leave home without a spare tube. In this case the "victim" did not have a spare, but the rest of us did and now she will too!

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Awwwww. You bought that baby a drum! Has she driven you wild with it yet?

And we have a Lake Murray here near where we live. I'll bet your's is bigger though. This one is smallish and man made. Well, I assume men made it. Maybe women did.