Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

Well, not me. I see the same as ever - good enough but no prizes. Yesterday Shana had her eye surgery and will henceforth be seen without glasses. It's been something she's been looking forward to for a long time. In addition to being able to see much better then she has ever been able to with glasses, she will also for the first time in her life be able to swim without glasses. She's mastered the art of swimming laps (breast stroke) in glasses. It's less understandable how she was been able to jet ski with her glasses and magnetic clippies on! Another more frivolous benefit will be that for the first time ever she can enjoy the cute cheap sunglasses we like to buy for the beach.

Last weekend one of the things we did was to visit the yearly RV show at the fairgrounds. Shana and her father are considering splitting the cost of a small camper. Both of them enjoy the comforts of a camper: a refrigerator, actual beds. They also point to the relative convenience: a camper would stay stocked, packed and ready to go except for your food. John has a truck large enough to pull a small camper, and we would exchange vehicles when we were going camping without him. He'd like to take a couple a trips every year with us. I have my doubts about campers in general in comparison with tents, but may be susceptible to the proper bribe: I'll RV camp three times, Shana will backpack once. My tent will always come along so I can sleep in it if I want to. The hybrid camper with pop out beds that allows you to have the sound and feeling of sleeping in a tent is to be preferred to the enclosed camper. Other conditions may apply. It was interesting to see the variety of available units, from the extremely simple to "I'm with the band" elaborate. The really fancy ones even sported outdoor sound systems and flat screen TVs that fastened to the outside of the unit. There may be doubts about the state of the economy in some quarters, but the RV salesmen were very forthcoming about the low sales during the show. I saw "sold" signs on every type and price range, but the salesmen said the numbers were really down.

I dropped by this afternoon to give Miss Vivian her Easter bunny and to see how big she's getting. She was happy to see me - actual smiles instead of the suspicious looks she's been giving me lately. The bunny was a big hit, too. As usual, my keys and glasses were even more interesting than any toy. She's got 5 teeth now, with the sixth ready to come through any day now. It's surprising how quickly she's growing.

I blew through about half of a 3x1 ribbed sock yesterday, and I've got a sock with about three inches of cuff stashed at the office for emergency knitting. The second pink monkey sock is about halfway down the cuff. I find myself a bit cramped for crafting time at the moment, so lots of things in my queue look like they will be there for a while.

This afternoon I'm planning to set the knitting aside and start on a sock monkey for young Mr. Logan, who is suffering from monkey envy something awful. I'm glad I am just now starting on his though - I found the cutest socks at Target yesterday and they will make a fabulous monkey! Of course it can't be as cute as the little guy himself.

I ran across an interesting clip the other day (Thanks to Zippiknits). It's a talk by a brain researcher about her personal experience of a stroke. Worth watching on its own, and the site is chock full of interesting lectures. I watched a captivating one about ant behavior (yeah yeah yeah, but it WAS really good). Go see it here, (the brain one, not the ants) then browse around the site. I think I can safely guarantee you'll see something else that catches your eye.

In news of the random: I finally got a haircut. After several months of growing out my super short style I am back in a bob. There will be pictures, but not today as I need to address the little issue of my mighty roots. Also I finally ordered my MOO Cards. They are like little business cards - one side has your choice of pictures, either your own or chosen from a variety they make available, and the other has whatever you want. Mine will have my name, phone numbers, email and website address. I've known I wanted some for for quite a while, but had put off the order because I could not decide on a picture to print on the back. What I ended up with is (duh) the picture of wildflowers taken at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge I have on the top of my blog. I'll be interested to see what the quality is like, because they will also make greeting cards, post cards, and note cards from your choice of pictures.


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Oh my goodness you have a cactus flower in your collection. Lovely. I love your flickr photos.

When I get a little down I also go back to look at the video. Her words are very inspiring. Also like to watch a movie about any teacher, Like Music from the Heart. Get's a good mood going again.

Keep on blogging. You have a beautiful blog. <3 <3 Thanks!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

PS. Meant to say, the baby is so sweet! I'll bet it will be so much fun to make her a sock monkey. Children seem to love them so much. My brother had one and he is now 62.