Sunday, March 23, 2008

Alert The Media

Young Mr. Logan's sock monkey is complete, and as cute as I thought he would be. Like most sewing projects once I got started it didn't really take very long, and sock monkeys don't really need much set up. Now if I can just get him and Logan's Easter Bunny in the mail I will be off the Black List of Unsatisfactory Grandmas.

For an Easter treat Shana and I met friends at Tom and Jerry's Steak & Fish Grille. We had met here for brunch before and it's one of our favorites. The food is excellent, the atmosphere pleasant and the service top notch. It's not usually too crowded, and the music is low key and pleasing. I had Tiramisu French Toast, and Shana had her favorite Eggs Benedict. My first impression of the restaurant was the dinner they had catered at our church. I was impressed with the quality of their food in a less than ideal setup, and a visit to the restaurant confirmed my first impression. All that, and a locally owned operation, too! I prefer to spend my money close to home as much as possible.

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