Friday, March 09, 2007

Sunny Friday

It's a beautiful warm sunny Friday - that will not be at all remarkable in a month or two (in fact we will be whining about the heat), but today it's a treat. I should be outside enjoying it or doing something productive in the yard, but instead I am inside fooling around on the computer, doing laundry and a little housework so I can go outside and play all day tomorrow. The plan is to get everything boring done by noon tomorrow, then meet up at the lake to go out cycling with the WAACO's. We'll ride around the lake once or twice, and maybe stop in for a snack at a local diner. What could be better? I'll squeeze in a little walk for Roxy and me later - a sign of the good behavior to come. I've let the cold weather immobilize me and now I will have to pay the price of getting back into shape for summer fun.

I noticed a curious feature of the demonstrations against W in Sao Paulo this week. Some protesters were carrying signs where W was featured wearing a little mustache to make him look like Adolf Hitler. Odd, in light of how many Nazis took refuge in Brazil after WWII. I suppose they know what a fascist looks like. This is not at all meant to say that I do not approve of demonstrations against W. Quite the contrary.

For one golden moment I thought that if I was right there holding her on my lap instead of running across the room at her I could fool Roxy into believing that the camera is not an evil creature out to steal her soul and kill her, but obviously I am not winning. Instead, the gymnastics required for me to take a picture of us together with the dog facing front have resulted in a series of pictures in which I look like a bald crazy person. Not that there's anything wrong with that... How I envy people all of the sweet doggy pictures with the dog looking into the camera. Roxy has such a funny grin when we get ready to take a walk; I would just love to have a picture of it but that will never happen.

In crafty news, I have taken a baby step towards starting my Phoebe sweater. I went to my local yarn store to get needles. I do try to give them the turn instead of ordering on line, but as often as not I am disappointed. I wanted size 6 & 7 24" bamboo circs, but they did not have any in stock. I settled for some Bryspuns in the right size (which I actually think I will really like), and bamboo DPN's in the correct sizes for the sleeves. I hope I am not sorry, as my gauge may change with different kinds of needles. I may still order the bamboo circs on line, or maybe order the Bryspun double points from Elann. I do understand that my local store cannot be expected to have all sizes of all needles in stock at all times, but it's hard to be a loyal customer when they seldom have the sizes I want. They do seem to have lots and lots of size 10+ and 49" circs, giant needles in all kinds of materials, and even the needles that light up (grouse, whine, sulk). If I don't start the sweater this weekend I will still bring it to Denver to play with while I am there.

I've started on my Denver traveling list. If I don't stop soon there will not be room for me and Roxy in the car. Between the possible extremes of weather and all possible choices of projects/reading material I think I am seriously overestimating what I might possibly by any stretch of the imagination use. It's funny, because when I fly I pack quite lightly and seldom wish I had brought any additional items. Plus not only am I going to a civilized area where I can surely buy whatever I forget, but I will also be able to borrow most of what I might need from Mom. We are not so different in size that I could not find something to suit me in her wardrobe. I guess it's just a manifestation of my usual "trip anxiety". I keep standard lists of needed items for my frequent destinations so I won't leave without something, but most of those trips are bike events or camping where the list of needed items is long and leaving something behind could be very inconvenient.

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