Saturday, March 10, 2007

Outdoor Life

At last I got out for a ride on my bike. Shana and I met up with some friends and rode around Lake Overholser. We only went around once, but I feel so much better for having been out riding. It felt so good to be out pedaling in the fresh air again. The beautiful day came in the very nick of time; my mayonnaise white under-the-sea leg is nearly the same color as my car. It's about time I went outside to play. Tomorrow will be rainy, so I won't ride again this weekend. I'll probably try to get to the gym. After my ride was pretty clear I'll need to build up my stamina, so back to the gym I go.

We got to see a white pelican floating on the lake. I don't think I've ever seen one here, and I have to assume it was just resting on the way through from somewhere else. It was too far from shore to get a picture. Riding around the lake it was obvious that the water level is very low. Unless we have an amazingly wet spring I don't know how the levels can recover before the onset of the hot weather. In light of the fact that this lake is a water supply reservoir for the city it's a sobering sight.
After our ride we had to replenish our store of energy at Jim's Diner. As you can see, it's not only my legs that need to be brought back into riding condition. And of course, after our meal we did a little shopping. At the bike store. Shana bought a tire pump, and I admired sunglasses, but made no purchase. Yet. Turns out that the athletic sunglasses of my dreams will not be nearly as expensive as I had feared. If my spring bonus is big enough I'll surely be placing my order when I get back from vacation. Suitable sunglasses will make a big difference for long rides. We had brought a new rider in with us to infect her with bike lust and introduce her to our bike guru. Our favorite bike store is tiny and it was crammed with customers, bikes for sale, and repaired bikes waiting to be picked up by their owners.

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