Sunday, August 06, 2006

What a difference a year makes. One picture was taken last September at the Bricktown Streak, the other was taken today. The difference is about 30 lbs. The difference is also six months of Weight Watchers, twice a week yoga, a daily hour of walking, and several months of cycling. Yesterday I rode 46.6 miles, next Saturday I'll ride 50 miles for Spin Your Wheels . When the 2005 Bricktown Streak picture was taken I had just finished my first ever cycling event. It was 30 miles, and the farthest I had ever ridden. It was such an exciting accomplishment. Shana and I both felt so proud of ourselves, and were feeling really fit and buff. Turn out we looked more like the Michelin Man. We were just stunned when we saw the pictures. I'm not on the desirable weight charts yet, but I'm getting really close. The 2005 Bricktown Streak picture also includes Shana's Aunt Rita, and Larry Humphries' skinny legs. Nancy and Larry had brought Rita downtown to see us finish the ride. It was so nice to have them support our efforts. We have gotten encouragement for our cycling all along the way from family and friends, and have been fortunate enough to meet a great group of cyclists who have encouraged us to push ourselves to get faster and stronger.

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