Friday, November 14, 2014

Work Holiday

One of my friends recently took a job that not only paid better than the previous position, but also included paid holidays. For her first paid holiday she was moving, but for her second paid holiday we went out to do something completely separate from work and more fun than staying at home. It was a sort of celebration.

Rather than settle on one thing we drove down Cape and went to a yarn store, out to lunch, for a walk on a beach, and a stroll through a cemetery.

We went to Adventures in Knitting in Harwich. I had been to their previous location years ago, but they had moved to larger quarters since and I had never gotten around to visiting there. I remembered the store as being rather tight - small rooms jammed to the rafters with yarn and basically no windows at all. The new quarters are light filled and spacious with  beautiful yarn spread out to advantage. There is a generous selection of books and lots of patterns featured near the yarns suggested to make them up. I got a few skeins of bargain yarn and one of self striping sock yarn. I keep some self striping in my stash at all times for easy knitting and have nearly run out. A couple of small skeins of Debbie Bliss merino will become mitts for gifts at some point in the future. Never mind that I just bought a couple of skeins of Encore DK at Sage the day before for the exact same purpose.

Civil War Veteran
On we went to the Hot Stove Saloon for lunch. Good pub food and pizza. Not a great selection of vegetarian dishes, but no surprises there. We drove down to the Bank Street Beach for a walk. Unfortunately there had recently been a mass crab moult and there were unbelievable quantities of crab shells. Bizarre, to say the very least. We finished up our tour of Harwich with a visit to one of the town cemeteries, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Since it was Veterans' Day nothing could be more appropriate than a cemetery visit.

Then back home by way of Trader Joe's - no trip through Hyannis is possible without a stop in at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. I was looking for nontoxic cleaning products, but ended up with a bag of pistachios instead. I did get my cleaning supplies the next day, but now have no idea where I put them. :(

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