Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Harder to Grow Up Than You Think

In high school my Pam and I were big into parody, creating what we titled "A Child's Garden of Weeds" typed up in several carbons. It consisted of parody poems done in various styles of poetry - iambic pentameter, sonnets, limericks etc. I still like to parody songs with custom lyrics for jokes or ones that are guaranteed to appeal to my dogs. I can still rhyme and scan extemporaneously. This said, can it be any surprise that I still love Weird Al Yankovics? I want to show it to you, or you can follow the link: Weird

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naomi dagen bloom said...

Yikes, another moment of discovery. You are much younger than I. Or my pop music/comedy I.Q. is sadly lacking. Probably both!

Your scanning chops are impressive. Would love to have that ability.