Sunday, March 30, 2014

Proof of my Very Bad Winter

NASA has a time lapse video of my actual winter right here, and you really should watch it to see how bad our winter really was. I had to resort to putting my finger on Cape Cod to remember where it is because it was so often obscured by winter storms. First World Problems I guess because we did not lose power, find ourselves unable to pay bills because of lost work days, or get in a winter accident. Still, we were not all that pleased with our winter wonderland.

My garden soil is thawed out enough for the chard to be coming up, and I have been able to dig up some carrots that overwintered in place. This week I think I may start planting peas and some lettuce to see what happens. I have lots of lettuce seed, so if I don't get an early crop I won't be too upset. I was supposed to have a yard clean up crew last week but SNOW. I am hoping for more action this week except for RAIN. I am patient, but some plants are breaking dormancy and need to be freed from debris. I've started clearing some of the leaves from the beds and piling them up for the yard crew to take away.  I did start a little pruning already to at least get the Montauk Daisies under control (or at least the illusion of control). They get rolling so early I don't like to wait. If I let them get tall they will flop over when they start to bloom in the fall. Besides they will take over the earth.

The dogs are bored stiff - I bought them little kongs today for a change of activity. Right after I gave Roxy hers she dropped it to be sure that Mitzi was not getting something better. She has realized that Mitzi is getting something every morning that she is not (a pill) and tries every morning to get to Mitzi's bowl to steal the "prize". As bad as her eyesight is I do not know how she always knows exactly where it is, but we have had some near misses. She's too clever by half.

While I wait for spring to get in gear I am still knitting with nothing finished to show for it even though lots of time is going into it. I'm reading garden magazines and websites, and every night I go to bed thinking and rethinking how my landscape project should progress. My latest crazy idea is to plant some asparagus. It may take a few years to get going but will need very little attention for a great payoff. Shana and I both love it. The only thing that makes me dubious is the depth of the trench asparagus requires. The place I want to plant it is really rocky and will be no fun at all to dig out. My other crazy idea is planting potatoes in a tub.

I am also hitting the thrift stores and junk shops with my favorites in mind: vintage craft books, pre 1972 Corning Ware cornflower pattern, vintage cast iron in usable condition, and vintage Pyrex. My latest find is probably from around 1974, a nice set of bowls in the Old Orchard pattern. I already have a set of brown Butterprint that I purchased new in the 70's plus a larger gold cinderella bowl in the Daisy pattern probably from the 60's; I got it for 50 cents at a garage sale around 2000. I've got my eye out for the square refrigerator bowls, but so far no luck in the shops. I'm counting on estate sales and garage sales during the summer to fill out some holes! I also pick up crocheted coasters when I find them because I am too lazy to make them myself. If I stick to just a few things I am looking for I can have a nice time digging around without filling the house to the rafters with junk. Shana thinks I already have enough junk. I suspect it's just not her style of junk because it seems there is always some kind of BBQ equipment we lack.


naomi dagen bloom said...

The gold cinderella bowls are one unknown to me. How did they get that name? Thought it was before everything reflecting Disney.

It's helpful when what one desires rarely shows up. Was on a semi-roll for vintage glass coffee jars sold in groceries in early 20th. Our daughter had started a coffee roasting company but turns out I was more entranced by these than she was.

Here's to your spring arriving soon.

Marianne said...

I've been knitting my hands off! And loving it, of course. Call me crazy, but your winter of snow sounds like a dream to me! ;) Grass is always greener right? But... Ummm....I guess that is a problem too when you live in the snow! LOL Good luck treasure hunting!

Hattie said...

Coming over from Naomi's blog. I have one of those square refrigerator bowls and use it all the time.
Hope the weather eases up on you soon.