Saturday, February 19, 2011

A New Look

I've gone with an East Coast theme for my blog, now that I'm about to make Cape Cod my home.  The picture on the header is of Bournes Pond, taken from the back yard of the house where I will be living for a while.

Things are a little chaotic here - moving plans, life changes.  Since everything is up in the air we've been enjoying a lot of comfort food.  Fortunately it's the sort of thing people will bring around to you when they think you need a little treat for the spirit - cake, chocolate, fruit.  We had to go out and get these big menacing lobsters for ourselves.  Although their appearance is not encouraging they are actually quite soothing to eat at home.  Their sweet flesh dipped in butter combined with the absorbing effort to get everything good out of their shell is relaxing.  There is always laughter around the table when lobsters are on the menu.

Now that we are back together in Oklahoma City we turn to comfort food again.  This time it's spaghetti with meat sauce, roast brisket with mashed potatoes, peach pie with ice cream, cheap macaroni and "cheese", and canned soup.

Our local Buy For Less just gets better and better.  In addition to a beautiful and improved cheese department, a good deli and beautiful produce they are improving the decor of the store by adding murals with local themes to the rear wall.  There was already one at the front of the store pointing out the sights on our segment of Route 66.  I thought it was quite interesting to watch the men working on the new one.

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