Friday, February 19, 2010

The Compulsories are Completed

If you define compulsories as winding the yarn, casting on twice, and tinking back one row. Yes, there are still a couple of little boo boos, but I must remind you that anyone who points out my knitting errors will never receive another handmade gift from me! It's coming along, albeit slowly. I was able to work on it at Stitch & Bitch last night, which I considered to be a major improvement in my cabling skills. I have pretty much stopped staring helplessly at every cable on the chart and checking the instructions three times before starting on the cable sections. I still cannot say with confidence that I will have a completed pair before the end of the Olympics, but there is hope. Whatever the result socks will be very pretty. The Cherry Tree Hill yarn is merry nice to work with and is giving me really good stitch definition despite the variegation.

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This Eclectic Life said...

Ellen, it's beautiful! And, forget about the errors. When the Navajo weave a rug, they always weave an "imperfection" into it. If they wove it perfectly, it would offend the gods. If anyone points out your mistakes, telle them you did it on purpose so as to not offend the Navajo gods! :-)