Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last weekend was a hodgepodge of idleness. The weather here continues to be suitable for outdoor activity if too windy to enjoy cycling. My cycling loss was the dogs' gain as we took a trip to the dog park Saturday. Roxy had been so bored all week that she ran all over the park like a wild thing at first. Usually Roxy is ready to go home in about forty minutes, but she was having a good time and we stayed over an hour. Skippy doesn't see well these days, and doesn't really hear well enough to track me when I call so Roxy goes to get him if he's slow to follow. His nose is fine, so he loves the dog park meet and greet.

Holiday crafting continues apace, with the most urgent projects finished. Of course as I complete one I think of three others I'd like to add to the list, but the looming deadlines will
take care of that. I'm on a crochet kick. but since I have to look at my work when I crochet it's putting a dent in my valuable TV time - how can I watch every golden moment of V and still make progress on my adorable crochet toys?

Sunday night Shana and I went to see our local NBA team. We'd been to see the New Orleans Hornets during their stay in Oklahoma City but this was our first visit to see the Thunder. We sat up in the chicken roost, but in the Ford Center all seats are good seats and we were able to follow the action quite well. One year Shana and I went to see the Celtics at their old facility. We had "obstructed seats " and were only able to see the lower half of the players. That rather reduces one's enjoyment of the game IMHO.

I'm driving to Atlanta for the weekend to spoil the Little Prince and visit with Jennifer. I made up my packing list yesterday and as so often happens these days it seems I'll be taking a big bag of electronics (and chargers) and hardly any clothing. It's the oddity of my modern life, I guess. I've got some fun audio books for the trip, so even the road portion of the weekend is shaping up to be big fun. The only thing missing from the fun will be Roxanne. There are resident cats where I am going. Roxanne would consider this to be a big plus, but they would be less than happy to see her so she will have to stay home.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Gee Ma, Roxie had to stay home because of cats? Poor little evil dog of the prairie. lol. She is so cute.