Friday, November 21, 2008

On My Way Out of Town

I leave for Cape Cod tomorrow, but I hate to head out for the week without a peek at Miss Vivian. I stopped by this afternoon for a visit in the middle of my round of travel related errands and took a couple of pictures. This was a really good thing, as without trying to take a few pictures of Vivian I would not have realized that I had left the memory card for my camera in the computer. I would have been limited to a (very) few pictures of my trip and the wedding, or be doomed to go to Walmart while on vacation. This is something I try very hard to avoid. While in Florida we do tend to make a daily pilgrimage to CVS, but in Massachusetts we seldom go to any store we can visit at home.

I arrived at the end of lunch time and she was in a great mood. Vivian knows a fair number of words, but apparently only uses them for her daddy. Mom and I get smiles, kisses, giggles, and all sorts of fun stuff, but almost no talking. Jamie told me she has to hide around the corner and listen to hear any of her words.

Logan got his first real pair of shoes and he is not happy. Looks like he had intended to continue as Mommy's Barefoot Boy forever! Too bad. He'll have to be civilized. Of course it's possible he just does not like those shoes. Vivian was much happier to wear sparkly pink shoes!

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