Sunday, October 05, 2008

All Peacock Feathers all the Time

I am finally ticking right along on the Peacock Feathers shawl. Post it notes with the stitch numbers lined up along the row I am working on has made it easy to keep my count, especially since the charts have to be read one way from the edge to the center, and then backwards to complete the other half of the row. This is my second Fiddlesticks pattern, and I cannot recommend them enough. The charts are wonderful and the patterns are lovely. I am about to start row 149 of 250, and I am more than halfway through chart 5. I figured out exactly how many rows I have to complete per day to have it finished in time for Kate Humphries' wedding in early November, and at the moment it sounds possible. For purposes of my calculation I am ignoring the fact that it gets wider with every row, so every row should take a little longer to knit. As anyone can clearly see, in spite of many hours of work it looks very little different from the last picture I posted. The main difference is that I can tell the ball of yarn is getting smaller. By the way, this yarn came in a skein of over 1500 yards with no knots at all. Not one. It's Madil Super Due Merino, which I have seldom seen. I only paid about $14.00 for the skein, and would definitely buy this brand again, although I suspect this particular yarn is discontinued. The color is very rich and even - we'll see later how colorfast it is. The shawl itself is all bunched up on the circular, and is now too large to stretch out and see the pattern. It's not going to look any better until I bind off.

Vivian came to see us today, but did not have much play time. She wasn't feeling well, so after about an hour of running around she climbed up into my lap. I had the pleasure of reading to her for a little bit, something she is seldom still enough to enjoy. Pretty soon even that was more entertainment than she wanted, so she slept in my lap off and on for the next three hours until it was time to go home.

I also had big news of Logan this week - The Little Prince is crawling and pulling himself up now. I'm sure this is a great frustration reliever for him. He was very unhappy that everything he wanted was just out of reach. Now EVERYTHING is in reach, and when someone carries him through a room his eyes are taking inventory for his next chance to get in there by himself.


TropiGal said...

That peacock blue color is smashing! It sounds like an interesting project.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

That's a beautiful color. There's just something really comforting in those blue green colors, isn't there.