Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Saw it on the Way to El Reno

We took one of our favorite long rides today - 40 miles or so from Lake Overholser to El Reno and back. It's pretty flat, but a good training ride for wind and heat with good roads and very little traffic. That was enough distance for me today, given that I'm not real strong this year and my bike sounds like something I found in my grandmother's garage (adjustments are in order, and fast). It may be a flat route, but it's not boring. In addition to the usual pleasant pastoral scenery we had a couple of animal encounters this time.

Diane spotted a couple of donkeys who were very interested in her. One was even willing to attempt to share a drink from her camelback. Diane is almost ready almost ready to pack a camera along with her like I do to add to her enjoyment of the road now that she's conquered speed and distance.

Everyone knows of my unwholesome obsession with goats and willingness to stop anywhere along the road at any time to look at them and photograph them. This time we were attacked by a pygmy goat and three chihuahuas. Twice. On the way out I had wanted to check out the goat but the dogs were running out into the street and I didn't want to encourage their ferocity. On the way back the dogs were hanging back a bit and the goat was running toward the street to get a closer look We stopped so I could get a good picture of her. I thought she was tethered. This was not entirely true. She did have a chain around her neck, but it was not secured to anything. When we got ready to leave we had to hustle on down the road to get away from her, as she was prepared to run along with us. What a cutie she was, and very friendly. We can confirm that bicycles are faster than goats. Just.

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