Friday, May 02, 2008

No News is Good News

It came. The letter from my doctor's office with the results of my yearly checkup. The letter that took so long to get here because their records had spontaneously moved my residence to a spot 10 blocks south of where I actually live. It came and it is not good news. Not awful news - I am blessed with robust health and my only chronic enemy is my own carelessness. Apparently my cholesterol levels are still high. Higher than when last measured, and yes, I know why that is. It's the same reason that my knees are not happy with me, that I am working harder than I want on my bike, that my pants don't fit. My blood sugar is also too high and I'll have to do the dreaded glucose test. Alas, my ideal diet of cookies and ice cream has to go. It will be back to chicken and salad for me. It's somewhat depressing, I must admit, though hardly surprising. Oddly, my vitamin D levels are really low. My bone density test was better than last year, but the low D is not a good thing for my bones. Now that I have eaten the last ice cream in the house as an act of defiance I'll have to do the responsible thing and return to my good behavior immediately.

The latest project on the needles is not technically on the needles at all. It's a crochet baby blanket for Matt and Katie Lynn's Precious Baby On The Way. They are expecting a boy, so I am going with blue. It's a simple eyelet pattern for the body of the blanket with a nice deep border to be added on after the center is finished. Deadline is near Memorial Day, and although it seems that's a long way away and I am rather fast at crochet, I'll be on vacation in Florida starting late next week, so I'm hoping to have it nearly finished before I go. A blanket across the lap won't be a good summer traveling project, so it's not going on vacation with me.

After several years when I was not able to make it fit into my schedule or my budget, this year I will be joining Shana and some friends for a vacation on Marco Island. We'll actually be staying in a condo on the Isles of Capri, with a view to the Gulf of Mexico and the boats passing by from our patio. I can hardly wait. I must confess I had a little anxiety thinking that while I was not able to go everyone had set a standard and routine for our Marco life that would make my Marco vacation something far from my expectations, but I got over it. I just know it's going to be fabulous - we always have a great time on my "Island in the Sun". From breakfast out on the patio to Sunday lunch at Stan's Idle Hour, we have just enough to do while still leaving plenty of time to relax and recharge. Oh, and also soak up some of that vitamin D my body seems to need.

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