Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Lunch Date

OMG - midweek post! Don't get too used to it. I was lucky enough to have company for lunch today. Samantha was planning to meet me for lunch and by a lucky chance Vivian had been spending the night with her, so she brought Miss V along to join me for lunch. It's just the most convenient thing ever to have a cafeteria on site so that when Sam comes for lunch I don't need to spend part of my lunch driving to-and-from. Sam had the chili, which looked good, but I had a sore throat (allergy) and had a yogurt parfait which I shared a bit of with Miss V. Samantha would not let me take her picture today, so it's just us two.

This week we started wearing our new ID badges at work. Since the company has grown so much we can't count on recognizing everyone on sight anymore. The badges were passed out with black cord lanyards, but of course I decided to do something different. I picked up a packet of beads and with the addition of some odds and ends I had at home I made myself a somewhat cuter and certainly more festive unit. I may make up a few more for a change of pace or to gift out. It will take my mind off the way the Pomotamus socks are kicking my butt. I'm sure in a few rows I'll be in the rhythm, but at present I keep getting off my count. How pitiful.
Tomorrow is "snakie day" at the office. Of course it's "snack day", but we call it snakie after a memorable typo in an announcement of the event a few years ago. I'm making cinnamon rolls tonight so I can set them to rise overnight and bring them in hot and fragrant. While I'm at it I'll make a pan for Shana to take to her office too.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea - very creative! I'm like: why didn't I think of that... :)