Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007

The New Year is here, with the resolutions. I have several, as it happens. For the goals: to ride 100 mile for Hotter 'N Hell, take 365 pictures, reach my goal weight, maintain a journal, add a 15 minute clean sweep to the house every day, and approach all things with compassion. To be avoided in 2007: whining, mindless eating, and gossip.

I have also picked up a new hobby: Geocaching. After going out with the girls yesterday I can see that this is a perfect addition to our camping, hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. In fact, I had a little Christmas money left (thanks Mom) and a few dollars left from my Christmas festivities budget which magically transformed into a sparkly new GPS receiver! Of course this means I'll be knitting from my stash now instead of going yarn shopping. Shana is wondering what part of my brain is going to turn to mush and fall off, since every time I get a new electronic device I get stupid. I may get stupid, but I'll know my co-ordinates.

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