Thursday, September 11, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

A Good Thing, and a Bad Thing. First the good thing. This little kitty came to stay with me last Saturday while his mommies went out. To give an idea of the size of little Simba, he's curled up in a hamster bed! Simba's real mommy was feral, and in the process moving her kittens when she was killed by a car. Simba was the only kitten that anyone was able to find. He was lucky enough to find a loving home with people willing to take on the bottle feeding of a kitten so young he did not even have his eyes open yet.

Now to the Bad Thing. When I went to the ATM earlier this week I apparently did not take my card from the machine. Two men had been hovering behind me when I used it. I felt rushed, in addition to being in a hurry that night anyway. I think what they did was watch when I entered my PIN number, then snatch the card out of the machine before it beeped to remind me that I forgot my card. They sure didn't call out to me that I forgot it. Within minutes they had pulled $400.00 out of my bank account. My bank will probably replace the money, because they will have film of the theft, and I have ordered another ATM card. For me the moral of the story is: when you are using the ATM don't be nice - I knew they were too close behind me and the thought even crossed my mind that they could be watching me enter my PIN. I did not cover the keyboard or ask them to move back. Never again. Also, this happened at the Belle Isle WalMart, which I KNOW to be jammed with thieves and creeps. Lesson learned, I guess, and I hope it does not cost me too much.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

ellen, that is such a cute baby cat and so tiny! Bless your friends for taking Simba in.

ATMs, oh lordy, if there is a way, those willing to scam or steal will find it. Sorry you were victimized, and I'm hope your bank has reimbursed you.