Saturday, July 02, 2011

In Case You Missed It

Link to the text here.

Link to Bernie's petition here.

I'll be staying close to home for the weekend, and watching fireworks from the back yard. Shana's meeting the delivery men for our guest room beds this morning; the barbecue grill and Internet will be set up by the middle of next week. Although we won't have all of our things at the new house until our floors are done the major requirements of modern life will be there!

When I looked around the house yesterday I found that I am going to have to reevaluate what furniture we are going to be able to use. Some spaces are tighter than I thought and some (a little) more forgiving. With our mattress sitting on the floor in the bedroom to demonstrate how much room the bed will need I am thinking maybe our existing nightstands are not going to fit. I was planning to paint them, but I may have to change the plan and haunt second hand stores for some more petite alternatives. I can't shrink the bed or my dresser and don't want to give up my giant kitschy lamps but maybe can get a little more of a spacious feeling from some smaller scale night tables. I have a feeling I'd better put a measuring tape in my bag!

Pictures today are from an unoccupied house in Wellfleet. I thought the doll face in the window was particularly striking.


Kay Dennison said...

Thanks for passing the word on Bernie! He now has over 100,000 signatures!!!!

Glad you're finally getting moved in!!!! I've noticed that when one moves, one's possession have a way of finding new places to reside.

That said, I'll prolly live where I am until I head to the nursing home.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Thank you for this! I put it on my blog also. It's a moving speech and needs to have as wide an audience as possible.

But we will see how the spin doctors abuse out intelligence yet again.

"Wag the Dog"