Friday, April 02, 2010

I Am Not Nice. At All.

I'm prickly and cranky and I do not suffer fools gladly. I am tired of pretending to be PC.

It is harder to be a single mother than a stay at home mom.

If children were abused by Catholic priests it was not the devil who thought something should be done about it and the abusers should be punished.

The "Young Earth" people are crazy. It's not an idea which should be treated with the same respect as empirical science. If you want Intelligent Design taught then do it yourself. at home.

If you are driving on public roads, calling the public firefighters and public police, collecting your Social Security and using your Medicare, checking with NOAA to see if a tornado is getting ready to take your house and waiting for FEMA after it does, taking the city bus or the local rail to get around you have NO BUSINESS complaining about the threat of Socialism. Almost no one gets paid by Social Security only as much as they paid in. Unless you are willing to be one of these few you can't complain about the threat of Socialism.

Everyone has a right to his point of view, but every point of view is not equal. Not everything is a matter of opinion, and saying something really loud does not make it true. I'm horrible, it's true.

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