Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still no pretty pictures?

Blogger does not want me to show any pictures today either. So disappointing! Apparently this is a problem they are having all over their system, so we will all be patient.

Tomorrow is Friday and while anyone could be forgiven for thinking I will be lounging about in splendid idleness they would be wrong. As soon As I get off work I am running over to the Humpries' to pick up Nancy's "do-list". Larry was still in the hospital today, so I promised to pick up the list and do anything written on it. I expect it might feature changing beds, dusting, watering in the yard, and possibly a quick run to the market for eggs and milk. Also I anticipate a "meals on wheels" request. If Larry is up to it there will definitely be cookies. There might be cookies anyway.

Then home to do my own housework. Typically for a busy week the state of the house is dire. I have an engagement later in the day, an "office warming" for a friend who is starting out on her own in the law. This will require a plant, so a trip to purchase the plant will be needed. I don't have anything suitable to divide at this time. Chances are very good that we will go out afterwards. So - housework must be done before I change to go.

Housework can't happen in the morning because I'm planning to ride to El Reno early in the day. We will probably start at 6:30 to beat the heat. Then apparently we are hosting brunch for the riders. Sample menu should include bacon for Cindi, cinnamon rolls for Di, and maybe a breakfast burrito buffet featuring fruit salad for everyone else. Coffee, tea, iced tea - and beer because we'll be headed out to the pool after. - Which means that I will have to do big pool cleaning because the two inches of rain we got in two hours left it looking like a mud hole.

Sunday would have been my lazy day, but Jennifer should be here. We were planning to out for brunch, but later we should be lazy by the pool. And I had better be, because the next weekend is HHH in Wichita Falls. We'll leave here on Friday and come back Sunday night. I wonder what the chances are of knitting an entire pair of socks on the road...I've got most of my list made, so we don't forget anything we'll need for our ride.

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