Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Spin Your Wheels

The Saturday Spin Your Wheels ride was good - my first 50 mile ride went well. Not too hot or hilly, not too flat and boring - a good time was had by all. I finished before noon (just) and was able to keep a good steady pace. Except for one stretch where I ran out of water I think I was spinning along pretty smoothly. The middle stretch had about 10 miles of hills, and my experiences at Norman Conquest once again stood me in good stead. The only thing that kinda bugs is that in spite of this (tremendous, epic) ride I did not lose an ounce last week. When I weighed in at Weight Watchers I was right where I had been the week before. BOO.

The purple argyle sock monkey is done. Too bad Blogger does not want to load up my pictures tonight so the crafty goodness can be appreciated. Another time, I guess.

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