Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back Home Again

After a week of visiting family I am back home on Cape Cod.

I started in Oklahoma City, where I saw Alex, Samantha and Vivian. I was staying at the ever so luxurious Motel 6, so our visits were in restaurants and (Vivian's favorite) Chuckie Cheese. Sam and I spent an easy day at Penn Square Mall, strolling around and doing a little shopping. I was also lucky enough to be able to visit with lots of my old friends at Chaparral Energy, and meet my friend Sharon Jean for a Mexican dinner and breakfast at the Classen Grill.

I was surprised to see how much the new Devon building has already changed to skyline, but aside from that not much about Oklahoma City looked different. What was different was me. I had expected to feel like I was coming home for a few days, but although I was sorry not to have more time to spend with family and friends I did not feel like I was leaving home when I left. I guess I have really settled in here on the Cape.

Next stop Denver. When I arrived Mom was trying to pick me up at the west terminal and I was waiting for her at the east terminal. After an hour we each gave up. She went home and I went to Budget to rent a car thinking she was taken ill and needed me to pick her up off the floor. She couldn't call me to figure out what was wrong and I could not call her because under no circumstances will she turn on her cell phone except to call the police. Once she got home to her land line she called me and after threatening to beat her unused cell phone to death with a hammer I told her where I was and we could start our visit. We took it easy for the duration of our visit. Except for visits to my brother we pretty much just hung out around the house. I've finished a pair of socks for myself and I'm almost done with my guernsey wrap. With a little luck I might have it finished to wear to the next meeting of my stitch & bitch. I had originally intended the yarn for a sweater, so I should have plenty left over for mittens and a hat to match.

The weather was perfect while I was gone, but I came home to a foot of snow. Naturally I had not assembled my fancy snow shovel before I left so I put it together yesterday morning and got enough snow off the driveway to make it passable before I had to leave. Later in the day the rain started, so today all of the snow is gone. Still like the snow shovel!

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

"Still like the snow shovel!"

lol Seriously, I'm glad you finally got some snow.

May I plead for the life of an innocent cell phone? lol What an ordeal of worry you two had.