Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers' Day Weekend

My Mothers' Day Weekend began with the distressing news that my neighbor had been robbed during the morning and had returned with one of her children to find the burglars still in her house. Apparently this is a crew specializing in burglaries in my neighborhood. My guess is they will be caught soon - they drive a distinctive car slowly around the neighborhood and the police are aware of their pattern. That said, I have not seen increased patrols in the area, so maybe I'm being too optimistic.

I didn't get a ride in this weekend, but instead there were plenty of other things to do. Shana
had made our mammogram appointments for early in the day, so after the bribe of a "short stack" at Beverly's off I went to get my breasts squashed. She went on to work, followed by a short trip to Dallas with Aunt Rita.

There was a fiber event in Edmond, and I stopped by to check it out. It was geared to spinners, so I was able to resist all offerings. On the way home I stopped at TLC Greenhouses to indulge in my yearly flower purchase. As it happens I went not a moment too soon. Our winter was tough this year and I had lost more than half of my canas. Because I don't have my heart set on particular varieties I usually buy canas at the end of the planting season so I can get them on sale. They were nearly all gone by the time I bought mine this year. I got the new canas planted, refilled my patio pots, and planted up my little front yard bed. This year it's all red any yellow: geraniums, sun coleus, celosia and gobs of marigolds. I won't post pictures yet because the bed will look much better in a few weeks.

My (local) children took me out to dinner at the Olive Garden - showing up on time and with money! We had a really nice time even though there was a long wait for a table. There are lots of additional pictures of Vivian in my Flickr gallery, but none of Alex or Sam. have to sneak up on them to capture their images and they were hiding from me.

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