Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cycling Past Dogtown

We set off early Saturday for a ride, planning for an easy 40 miles. Weather and lack of transport had kept everyone in all week and we were ready to get out for a while. Maybe shoulda known better. We got started a very few minutes late, which meant that we were riding through around and behind a large group of runners who were having an event today at Lake Overholser. The back roads were full of all kinds of traffic. None of this would be distressing except for one thing = the wind was horrible. I'd planned for an early
ride because usually the wind cranks up later in the morning. Forecast was for 25 mph, so I wanted to get out before it really got going.
Didn't work out that way. I stand ready to swear that we had steady 30 mph winds with gusts to 40. Riding into it I was in the closest gear my bike has to granny roaring along at 6 mph. We cut the ride short and rode 20 miles instead.
There was one amusing novelty today. Apparently a bunch of prairie dogs have moved into a vacant field along the way. I took a break on the way back to snap a few pictures. Too bad it's not video because the running and barking were quite amusing. Sadly I was not close enough to get really good pictures, but this colony looks chubby and healthy. Not pleasing to the land owner, I wouldn't think.
It was a strenuous 20 miles, and I'm glad we didn't ride out any farther today.

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