Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Quiet Weekend (now with Oreos)

Just in case you were wondering where the Oreos came in: Logan managed to convince Daddy that little guys should have Oreos too. And of course he was absolutely right!

The weekend here has been quiet (mostly, sort of). Saturday I had volunteered to take my ex's pack for the afternoon so his Open House could proceed doglessly. We had his three, my own Evil Wild Dog, and Rita's Skippy. Plus Samantha's cat, who does not really count because I took advantage of the relatively cool day to leave him in the garage. I thought that adding a cat to the roiling mass of dogs might be just the last straw. I opened Jammer's crate and he slunk around the garage for a while, returning to his crate long before it was time to leave. After a half hour of pushing and shoving the dogs settled down and were all friendly and quiet.

I took advantage of the quiet weekend to do some knitting. I've started in on a baby blanket for one of Alex's friends who has a baby boy due at the end of October. I also wound up 1500 yards of dark teal blue laceweight that's been in my stash along with the pattern for the Peacock Feathers Shawl for a couple of years. I've read through the pattern once and looked at every possible permutation that other knitters have done, so maybe tomorrow will see it cast on. I think I have indulged my Fear of Shawl on this project long enough, and I'd like to have it finished to wear to two weddings in November, one of them my own.

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