Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Melting Permafrost?

I've heard about methane trapped in the Siberian permafrost as a potential accelerator of global warming, but hadn't really had an idea of how that would be released.  I ran into a video with a really graphic demonstration of the idea:


zippiknits said...

This was one other thing I checked on when the first wave of earthquakes along the eastern pacific rim started a couple of years back. With the rebounding going on in Antarctica, Siberia had to be having similar rebounding. Kamchatka would be next, and there we are!

I'm so tired of listening to the the know nothings who deny these are not huge changes. They think this is just a temperature fluctuation, and are not monumental changes the like of which did not occur during any "recent ice age".

Kay Dennison said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! I really got an education/awakening in six minutes!! Thank you for sharing this!!! It it okay if I swipe it?