Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things Don't Turn Out The Way You Plan

The kids joined me for dinner last night and Notorious V. I. V. was disagreeably surprised to find out that ice cream would not be served until "everyone" had eaten some of their actual dinner. She's generally pretty agreeable, so I see very little tantrum action. Apparently Meatloaf has no charms compared to purple ice cream. I could agree with that, as the purple ice cream in question was just delicious. This recipe - very simple, rather low fat, and a beautiful rich shade of purple thanks to some gorgeous blackberries
we bought at a farm last month. Vivian and had lots of fun later building birthday cakes out of blocks and dancing around. The kids introduced me to Ninja Warrior: mesmerizing reality TV (no, really) and we had a good visit.

My ride at Spin Your Wheels this year was not what I had hoped. Due to high temperatures (113° on the road) and imperfect preparation on my part for what I knew would be dangerously high temperatures I sagged in with leg cramp after 52 miles. After arriving at the finish in the sag wagon I had some doubts over whether I had sagged in too soon. When I was unable to get up from sitting on the grass without pulling myself up on a tent post because of a violent and painful cramp in my thigh I was able to put that doubt aside. I have two weeks before Hotter N Hell to get ready to do better.

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