Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Showing the Veggies Some Love

Lucky me! Shana has turned some of her cooking enthusiasm to creating gourmet veggie dishes just for me. Monday's dish included fresh roasted beets and sweet potatoes, goat cheese, microgreens and pistachios with a fresh shallot vinaigrette. Delicious. and very pretty. We followed that with some roasted corn on the cob.

While she was creating her masterpiece I spent the afternoon taking short rides on the scooter. With our current transportation strategy (one car between us) I needed to get comfortable enough with riding the scooter to ride it to work at least once a week. We headed into the summer and rain will no longer be an issue. I went out on about 5 short rides to get comfortable with the weight, balance, and stopping distance. I think I remember it taking about 100 miles to get really familiar with a new machine, but I made good progress from being nervous about turning out of the driveway to riding halfway down my chosen route to work in traffic.

The weekend was great but now it's time to return to work, where crunch week will be in progress.

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This Eclectic Life said...

Oh, that dish looks beautiful! I haven't eaten fresh beets in years. Since I'm trying to eat like a vegetarian, I may have to give them a try again (even if my spouse probably wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole).

I envy the scooter...yes, I do.