Sunday, February 10, 2008

Eye of the Storm

Although lots of things are going on, some days it feels like life is very boring and ordinary. It is probably the classic end of winter blahs. Even though there is a lot to think about nothing seems interesting to me. Work feel routine and boring. I did receive a promotion this year, which made me feel a validation and a renewed interest in my work, but this month it still feels dull. Cycling season is not quite here, although I have been out to buy extra tubes and a rear view mirror. I'm about to pick up a pair of knickers so I can enjoy early spring rides without my knees freezing, falling off and rolling into the ditch. I've gotten back into the swing of my yoga class, although I feel fat, old, and slow. A plumbing issue which will soon be resolved is dragging on while we try to find a part. The Presidential Primaries should be holding my attention, but even there I am somewhere between mildly interested, annoyed, and disheartened most of the time. Wah Wah Wah.

I had lunch with Alex, Jamie, and Vivian Friday at The Old Orchard. Vivian is in the middle of the "strange" period when babies notice that you are not Mom, and do not think that is a a good thing. She didn't want much to do with me, except when I had ice cream. Then she was able to recognize me as the familiar spoiler. I don't think she smiled at me once, although she was happy to eat my ice cream (and serve that up a little faster please) and chew on my glasses.

Shana and I went to a dinner party Saturday night with the usual suspects plus a few new friends. The food was wonderful, the company was good, and we played The Newlywed Game and Taboo without anyone being seriously injured. We don't get together with the whole group as often in winter as we do in cycling season and I miss them. Shana does go to spin class with her training partner fairly often, so she keeps in touch, and we do see some of the girls at church, but our regular rides are a high point of my week (even if I do groan all the way to Jones and back).

I took along some knitting to the parety in the form of yet another little hat for Baby Logan. I finished the hat this morning, but sadly it turned out to be One Ugly Hat. It looks like tt will not be making the trip to Boise this week. I don't know that I will even frog it, because it's just a bit of leftover Wool Ease - not an espeically pretty color, or anything. I'll probab ly just hang onto it as an article of doll clothing. It fits the baby doll that Vivian plays with when she is here.

This week I am finally heading for Boise to visit Jennifer and Baby Logan. It will be a relief to see them in person at last. Logan just went home Friday, and I know Jennifer is really tired. It will be good to spoil them a little. Shana will be entertaining her mother in my absense, so I will be preparing for a house guest and a trip both this week. Traveling knitting will be my blue scarf, which I will probably have to frog and restart because I will have forgotten what I was doing, Some scap sock yarn for some tiny socks for Logan, my half finished monkey socks, and two pair of basic socks. I've got a giant layover on the way out, so I will cast on for a pair just before I leave to have something mindless to do while hanging out in the Salt Lake City Airport. Good thing I am planning to take all of these projects because of course yarn is not sold in Boise!!! We may actually visit Lisa's Yarn Shoppe in Meridian as it will be a short hop. I doubt we'll get out very much because what Jennifer needs to do most is rest and recover instead of driving all over town.

I've taken to drawing a Tarot Card of The Day this week to try to give myself a little push. The card today is King of Cups: An encouragement to express emotions with a connection to the Charioteer - taking control of your life. I've been thinking of Tarot for a while, and the card a day is proving to be an interesting way to reconnect with the symbolism. This week I have been using the Voyager deck. It's not my favorite to read with, but it is a beautiful one and a good one to contact the subconcious. It's a collage deck instead of having a single image on each card.

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